2448 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas NV 89101
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Local Self-Service Laundromat and Fluff & Fold Service

A+ Laundromat in Las Vegas, NV
Are you tired of going from one place to another to do your laundry and dry-cleaning? Or do you usually have long wait times because there aren't enough machines? You don't have to suffer through that anymore. A+ Laundromat has over 100 machines available to you!
A+ Laundromat is a newly remodeled, self-service coin laundromat, offering small and large machines, clean sitting areas with flat screen televisions, vending machines, and a friendly attendant who is always on duty.
With all of these services in one place, we are your one-stop! No more running around! We can save you time, gas and money.

Stop by the next time you have laundry to take care of, or feel free to give us a call!

We are located one block off of the I-95 freeway, just a short distance from downtown.
Front Load, Heavy Duty Washers & Dryers in Las Vegas, NV

Very clean and brite place. Best one I have seen in Las Vegas

One of the best Laundromats in Las Vegas. Plenty of ... Read more